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Full-time Unity developer, working on development and implemention of game features in the Unity engine using C#.

Annual Salary

5 - 9 Million JPY
* For Tokyo location.
* For London location, salary will be adjusted.


Alongside your base pay, you will also be eligible for an annual bonus as well as:

  • Flexible work hours
  • A casual, friendly and inclusive atmosphere amongst those with a passion for working on games
  • The ability to work remotely when necessary
  • The ability to work from London or Tokyo offices for part of the working year, at your discretion
Description of role

You will be part of a team tasked with implementing new features, establishing asset and development pipelines, maintaining the codebase and ensuring high quality in development across all aspects of the game in Unity.

The role also involves maintenance of the development environment working alongside other creative teams.

  • 3+ years experience in a professional environment working with the Unity game engine using C#
  • Strong knowledge of high performance C#
  • Knowledge of 3D development
  • An interest in rhythm games with a keen attention to detail, quality and experience
  • Business-level English with the ability to work within a fully English development team
Favorable skills
  • Experience with C# outside of the Unity environment
  • Knowledge of iOS and Android SDKs
  • Experience with game development
  • Experience with GPU Shaders & Visual effects
  • Experience with debugging applications and analyzing production crashes
  • Understanding of CI pipelines
  • Knowledge of the Japanese language

Preferred: UK (London) or Japan (Tokyo)


Please apply by sending the following via the contact form:

  • Cover Letter (link)
  • Resume (link)
  • Open Source repositories (optional)
* Please note that applications not including a cover letter will not be reviewed